Capital One

Machine Learning as a Service Integration

Software Engineering Intern

I worked on improving algorithms within an inner source time series anomaly detection package and onboarding its new features to the Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) platform. MLaaS is a machine learning workflow orchestration platform which turns algorithms and other components of a model pipeline into microservices.

Carnegie Mellon University Psychology Department

Health and Human Performance Lab

Research Assistant

My team's goal was to build multimodal machine learning models which could predict end of semester depression from both passively sensed data and ecological momentary assessment for undergraduate students. My work was primarily focused on feature extraction and validation as well as database reconfiguration.

Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Department

Functional Programming

Teaching Assistant

Functional Programming (15-150) is an introductory course for the theory and practice of functional programming taught in Standard ML. I led weekly programming labs for 25+ students, held regular office hours, developed course materials, and graded assignments.

University of Maryland College of Computer, Mathematical, & Natural Sciences Department of Computer Science

Maryland Information and Network Dynamics Lab

Summer Research Intern

My team's goal was focused on determining the reproducibility of research on the entrainment of brain waves using binaural beats. I designed the research proposal and conducted exploratory data analysis with an emphasis on the visualization of multidimensional time series data.