Raahi is a web app which generates routes of a desired distance starting and ending at the user's entered location. Additional features include the directions of each route displayed in first person point of view using Google Maps street view and an option to find local trails and directions to them. The backend is multi threaded and built with Go. The frontend is built with JavaScript using the React framework.


Reproducible Analysis Pipeline for Data Streams (RAPIDS) is an open sourced pipeline which standardizes data cleaning, feature extraction, analysis, and evaluation of mobile sensing projects. My specific contribution was containerizing the pipeline with Docker and automating a Docker image being built and pushed to DockerHub with every successful merge to the master branch using continuous integration.

Malloc/Shell/Proxy Lab

Labs built in C as a part of the curriculum for Computer Systems (15-213)

MallocLab: Built a dynamic memory allocator with utilization optimizations (footerless blocks and mini blocks) and throughput/performance optimizations (segregated list)

ShellLab: Built a tiny shell program which supports job control and I/O redirection

ProxyLab: Built a web proxy with a main memory cache which supports multiple concurrent connections

Le Ballon Rouge: The Game

Term project for Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science (15-112) developed in Python

Le Ballon Rouge: The Game is a side scrolling game which features multiple levels increasing in difficulty, local multiplayer, and create your own (CYO) course. The game has an evaluator which rates the difficulty of the course a player makes in CYO. The obstacles generated are responsive to the player's actions.